Sunday, August 12, 2007

So Much for Paradise.

As advertised, we went to the Farmers Market at Lansdowne Park earlier today, but overall we weren't overwhelmed.

In fairness, the Ottawa Super Ex is coming so the market had to move. Still, it wasn't quite what we were looking for. It may just depend on what one is looking for. For a wide variety of produce and crafts, go to the Byward market. The Farmers Market has some produce, but also baked goods, jams, etc. If that's more to your interest, go there. We'll probably give the Farmers market another try in about a month or so to see if the location change didn't have more of an impact than we know.

While I'm going subject matters from past posts, I should mention that we did, in fact, make our way to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard on Thursday evening. We went to the Walkley road location around 8PM...And there was a line-up to outside! I don't know if this location is normally that busy, but being that someone walking by asked another person in line why there was such a long line, I suspect it isn't.

Therefore, the staff there deserves a fair bit of credit. The line moved quickly, and these people were very enthusiastic despite what must have been a crazily busy day, so more power to them. I hope to come across results of this little event at some point.

Earlier in the week, I was also pleased to take advantage of a great deal by the University of Ottawa.

Their football seasons ticket structure was announced recently; $20 for four home game, half of which goes to NCAFA. NCAFA is the region's youth football organization.

I was extremely pleased to hear about this. Last year, single games cost $10 each, so the savings are incredible. And still the university will be sharing the income. As a result, I'm going to do some sharing of my own.

Last year, when the Ottawa Renegades CFL franchise was facing suspension, I'd attempted to start a program of sorts by which people could purchase tickets and donate them to charity. The league couldn't be bothered to acknowledge my existence so it never happened, but I'd already contacted several organizations and felt lousy that I couldn't follow through.

Well, it may not be on the same scale, but I'll follow through now. I've purchased three seasons tickets (one for myself, naturally). The other two will go to the Boys and Girls club, Big Brothers, etc, if they'll have them. For an extra $20 or so, I'll get to the games, and tie up an irritating loose end from last April.

Go Gee-Gees!

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