Monday, September 10, 2007

I'd love to save the world more often, but...

After a number of months of leisurely seeking topics to write about, usually having to pick from a few of them and setting aside the rest for a rainy day, I've finally encountered my worst enemy.

And it is...Redneck Racing.

That's right.


I have just gone through my longest posting "dry spell" since I started this thing for kicks. And it finally hit me why I struggle with it so much now.

It used to be that in the old place, my computer was in the guestroom, well away from the TV. But now it's in the basement with 42 inches of plasma and constant Nascar programming roaring. I find it difficult to read about environmental issue and such while some guy is talking about how his car "runs good". boogity-boogity-boogity my ass, I can't concentrate. Climbing the CN Tower was easier.

I certainly haven't lost interest. Far from it. In fact, I'm going to have a long weekend this...huh...weekend, and rededicate (if that's a word) myself. I'm going to go over all of this years posts and act on the things I'd said I'd do, but haven't. I can already think of a couple off the top of my head. There are probably more. The move of course was a distraction, but it continued to be a distraction for longer than I'd anticipated.

Another roadblock; I'm having difficulty receiving things I've ordered through the mail. It didn't occur to me as I was ordering that my street, as far as Google maps and so on are concerned, does not exist yet. I found this out while trying to order a pizza one night. Raising the dead would have been easier. So if I want to order items such as the shoes in the previous post, or the CFL Fans Fight Cancer shirt, I have to think twice. God only knows how often that kind of data is updated.

Admittedly though, while hardly an expert, there are times when I feel I've covered a topic fairly thoroughly. How much more can be said about compact fluorescent light bulbs, for example?

As a result, I may change the name of this blog. I'd considered "Power of One" as a reflection that an awful lot can be accomplished if everyone just does their little part. But if I had an early concern about how Treehugger in Training abbreviates, "Power of One" is hardly better.

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