Saturday, February 09, 2008

Need a Reason to Eat More Chocolate?

Ah, Friday nights! The best part of the week! The furthest point from having to go back to work!

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do (actually, the second after realizing it's a work day and using profanity as a really third) is look forward to my evening of world-saving while the Mrs watches some Nascar-based programming (ugh) and Oscar snores away. Batman has his various gadgets to help him fight crime, I usually use something along the lines of a bottle of port and a bar of organic chocolate.

Whatever works. Chocolate may suck to apprehend The Penguin, but try to save a real penguin with a batarang, smart guy!

Ah, but I can hear the gears turning already! "How can you save a penguin, or anything for that matter, with chocolate, dumbass?"

Well, with this chocolate, you can at least help a little bit:

Here's the deal:

At Endangered Species Chocolate, we provide exceptionally delicious chocolate made with only the finest, 100 percent all-natural ingredients. We offer organic choices to support human health as well as the environment. Plus, recent studies confirm that chocolate contains flavonoids that help blood vessels work more smoothly, perhaps reducing the risk of heart disease. Chocolate also acts as a powerful antioxidant, reducing dangerous free radicals at a higher rate than vitamin C or green tea. And, combined with exercise, research shows that chocolate works to reduce fat in the body.

Just as important, we see chocolate as a medium to save species, conserve habitat and honor human life. Our cacao beans are sourced and harvested from small family-owned properties and are ethically traded. ESC also pays fair prices for harvested products so cacao farmers can maintain their properties. We add to the impact of each bar by donating 10 percent of our net profits to environmental organizations that work to help endangered species and their habitats.

Their site is quite good, as is their variety. It's also hosted by solar energy, apparently (see bottom right).

Occasionally when I come across these products, they turn out to not be available locally. I've purchased these at Super Store (do they fight crime too??) locations, so it's relatively easy to find.



Lynn Sinclair said...

Perfect timing for Valentine's Day. Going to the Superstore is on my list of things to do--I'll check out these chocolates.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't need a reason to eat more chocolate. Any reason is a good reason:-) Will definitely have a look next time I am at Superstore.