Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mr Spice Has Saved My Life!!

Well, not really...But he's going to help bring my blood pressure down!

As recently posted, I have slightly elevated blood pressure. Allegedly.

My problem though is that there are only so many things I can do about it. I don't drink a lot of caffeine, I don't have a weight problem, I don't overdo it with alcohol (often), I get my sleep, and so on. I'm not perfect, but gee whiz, I don't want to have to be!

One thing I can do is give up one of the great loves of my life: salt. That just makes sense since we had noticed that meat substitutes wree often sodium-heavy. I don't like to think of it as a break-up though, more of an agreement to see other people.

My first great find is the line of Mr Spice products which, IIRC, I came across at a Loblaw's store.

This stuff is great for all the things it doesn't have:

• Organic
• No Cholesterol
• No MSG
• No Preservatives
• Gluten Free
• Wheat Free
• Dairy Free
• No HVP
• No Sulfites
• All Natural
• Salt Free
• Fat Free

Nice laundry list. And yet, for all that, it's quite tasty with no icky aftertaste. Click on the pic to go to the Mr Spice site and see the various sauces that they offer.

AS for me, I'm going to enjoy it until, of course, someone comes around to tell me i need to stop eating so much damn potassium.


Lynn Sinclair said...

I hope your body appreciates all the good things you do for it :)

Wanted to tell you that my daughter and I were searching for images for a school project (I think it was a factory smokestack), and the first one that popped up came from your blog.

T.H.I.T. said...

Really? I'm a little surprised at that. It's not as though I've had smokestacks as a subject matter that often.