Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Bike You Can Fit in the Palm of Your Hand!

All right, perhaps not literally, as one of the pictures on their site would have you believe...

The point was to make it easy to carry. Once you have the folding instructions down, the whole thing weighs about 12 pounds and is about two feet long. Unfortunately, it'll also run you about $400.

Those dimensions would be hard to beat though. I recall that city buses here used to have racks in the front for people who wanted to bike to a certain stop, clamp their bicycle to the front of the bus, then ride the rest of the way to their destination. They've done away with most of those now though, but folks wishing to resume that sort of traveling, rather than drive to a Park 'n' Ride, could now carry their vehicle onto the bus.

And a guy my size would finally get the opportunity to look like one of these two:

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