Saturday, July 07, 2007

15 Green Bands and Musicians

As selected by The comments section names a number of perhaps overlooked contenders as well, including one band who uses a solar stage to power their instruments, the Native Earthling Band.

There are a lot of links to organizations and projects I hadn't heard of that I look forward to exploring a little more closely. Great article!

Top Canadian:

Sarah Harmer
Photo: George Pimentel / WireImage

Sarah Harmer

This Canadian singer-songwriter co-founded the environmental group PERL (Protecting Escarpment Rural Land), which is campaigning to prevent a proposed gravel development from harming the Niagara Escarpment, a wild area along the U.S.-Canadian border that includes Niagara Falls. Harmer walks the talk with her commitment to the cause -- she hiked along the Escarpment with her acoustic band to play shows and raise awareness throughout the area, a tour documented in the film Escarpment Blues.

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Dan said...

To mention nothing of Sarah's willingness to shill for a homegrown environmental movement.

She's excellent. Long may she preach the environmental message.