Saturday, July 15, 2006

Nickel For Your Vote?

I just came back from grocery shopping a little while ago. Like a lot of people, when I'm in line, I try to work out in my head what my order will come to.

Here's what I was carrying in my mighty arms:

-A tin of PC Organic Coffee.
-A case of blueberries.
-A bar of Cacao Camino Organic Chocolate (dark w/almonds. No that it matters. But it's very good).
-A tube of toothpaste (Aquafresh. The orange one).
-A pack of 12 mini cinnamon rolls (Oscar really digs those).

I had the advantage of having seen the individual price tags, of course, but hadn't worked it all out as I went along.

When the total came to $17.01, I was pleasantly surprised! That's less than I thought! What minor miracle would have caused me to save all this money?

Oh, that's right! The GST was reduced! I worked it out (since not all the items are charged GST) and if not for that great show of generosity from our PM, I would have actually paid $17.06!

Much appreciated, Mr PM! That nickel is going to the deposit on the new house! I only need about 69,999 more and the second part of it will be taken care of! Or, after just four more similar trips, I can *gasp* use a pay phone! And it'll be almost like it was free! Yay!

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