Saturday, July 08, 2006

Odds and Ends.

After some initial frustration with parking, Mrs THIT and I had a great time last weekend with the HBC Run for Canada. The Mrs signed up that morning and we basically took a stroll through a very attractive Jacques Cartier Park. The registration area was well laid out, as well as the food and merchandise tents, etc.

From there, the Mrs had a riveting Nascar race to watch, which was just as well since I had planned to attend a tailgate party at Frank Clair Stadium anyway. The football fan group of which I'm part had a great time on Canada Day last year, and though the team had the plug pulled on it (unfairly, I might add) we decided to recreate it nonetheless. One member brought a 26" inch TV and we watched last year's thrilling double-overtime 39-36 victory over Montreal.

The event being something of an unusual thing led to a newspaper article locally, and for one of my quotes to be butchered in newspapers in Calgary, Winnipeg and Regina. Ah well. Some media folks bitch about being blamed for misquoting, toying with context and such. My advice is this: Stop doing it, and you won't be blamed for it so much. See how that works?

Now then...It's a beautiful weekend in Ottawa and outdoorsy creature that she is, Mrs THIT wanted to be certain to make the most of it. She debated between various beaches and such...and settled on something neat called "Woofstock", an animal sanctuary.

Tickets are $12 for adults...There will be entertainment including live music, wrestling (!), ponyrides and hay rides.

I tried to get on their website but it wasn't available at the time. Reading the article, it occured to me that the Ross Muir mentioned therein is the brother of a friend of mine (does anyone remember a dude running in late during our wedding? That guy). All the more reason to attend.

Lastly, I have yet to ask Rona out. I'm sure you were all waiting for an update on that. I'm going to check movie times and settle on a couple of options. By the same token, I have yet to hear back in regards to my inquiry on her opinion on wind power. Imagine that.

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