Saturday, March 17, 2007

G.E.T. Thinking Green

The other day, I saw an ad on a bus for the Home Show here in Ottawa and asked myself "Hey, I wonder if Christine would be interested in going to that?"

That's when I realized I'd been watching too much HGTV with her over dinner. A couple of years ago, the mere thought of going would have caused me to fall into a depression-induced coma. And gladly!

This deal might be a little different. Having bought the new "crib" is one thing, but part of my enjoyment has been greening it (picking out the decor too, but I wouldn't admit to that even under torture).

This show might provide a couple of interesting ideas, and it looks to be all of $10 for the day. also, I'll probably learn a thing or two. I think the Mrs might dig it, and if we're living with the senior THIT's due to the delays in our house being ready, they might appreciate the break from our invasion. :-)

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