Sunday, March 25, 2007

Santo vs The Enemies of The Sea

I'm going for Santo.

Professional wrestler Hijo del Santo announced he has broadened his battle arena from Mexico's Lucha Libre to encompass the Pacific Ocean's eastern coastline, where overfishing, turtle egg hunting, and pollution are threatening marine resources.

In addition to performing acrobatic duels in the ring with opponents dressed as evil characters, the silver-masked Hijo del Santo _ which means ``Son of the Saint'' _ pledged on Thursday to devote the greater part of this year to raising consciousness about how human actions are threatening the ocean.

The wrestler, son of Mexico's most famous fighter, El Santo, will aid the U.S.-based nongovernmental organization WildCoast with its campaign to stop sea turtle consumption in Mexico, defend protected areas on California's coast and promote saving the gray whales in Baja California.


His latest venture reflects a long tradition in Mexico, where legions of the leotard-wearing wrestlers have participated in everything from presidential campaigns to battles for affordable housing.

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