Saturday, January 19, 2008

What The Hell is Wrong With Off-White??

When Mrs THIT and I set off to purchase our current home, the gentleman at Tamarack Homes with whom we dealt ended the process with a peice of advice that stuck with me: "Have fun with it".

It was one of those extremely simple things that you know, but you just need to be reminded of. And throughout the entire affair, whenever I was faced with a task that is not normally in my nature to enjoy, I remembered his little peice of advice and approached the situation with that specific attitude.

"What's that, bunny? You want to go to Home Sense again? Son of a bi...Huh...Actually, that sounds delightful! Let me get my jacket. And wallet, of course."

"Come again, cupcake? You wish to visit the Tamarack Design Center again? Even though we were there just last weekend and it's extremely doubtful that anything has changed since? I...guess we can do that! Yes, I'll bring the camera."

Here's something I had not realized though (and it's probably "a guy thing" that caused me not to). I thought once we moved in and furnished the place we could, you know...Enjoy it for a while!

Apparently not. The first coat of dust barely had time to settle before talk turned to...painting.


By then the "have fun with it" mantra had been kind of stored away. I didn't think I'd need it anymore. We were settled in!

But Mrs THIT came across a little ditty in the Ottawa Citizen recently which perked my ears and may make the whole project slightly more interesting to me. The Citizen is quite good at providing environmental tips and such, and last Saturday's Homes section had a list of 11 products to "turn up the enviro thermostat in your home". Among them was Safecoat paints.

This was hyped as a product ready go from "niche" (how do you pronounce that? "neesh" or "nitch"?) to mainstream and available from The Healthiest Home and Building Supplies. The claim:

The Safecoat products are premium quality and perform as well as and, in many cases, better than most mainstream, toxic brands on the market. They contain no formaldehyde, ammonia, precursors, acetone, phenols, or phthulates. Safecoat paints have almost no odor during application and are odor free once cured. And clean up is a snap with warm water and a bit of SafeChoice Superclean.

All right, well...That's a start. The store is on Holland avenue though, and I can't help but recall that so is The Table restaurant. I friggin' love that place and I shall (pretend to) put my foot down and request...Nay, DEMAND...that we eat there if we go to that paint store.

Even the best relationships require a certain level of negotiation...


Lynn Sinclair said...

I think you can go both ways with niche. Me? I use 'neesh'.

About painting--aren't you supposed to wait a year for the house to 'settle' before you paint. Not sure about this.

Anyway, congrats on the new home, and remember to...have fun.

Anonymous said...

lynn is right. better wait one year to allow the house to settle.

T.H.I.T. said...

I shall gladly accept any excuse for laziness so I may accidentally remember it as having to wait a decade before painting. I think this house may be a slow settler.