Tuesday, January 08, 2008

THIT Year-End Clean Up!

You may have made note of a new feature on my little blog. It's part of my reorganizing as I start year three of my education.

I've added the "labels" feature so that I (and you, if you're so inclined) can more easily locate a specific past post. From time to time when writing a new one I would consider making reference to something I'd already including, but trying to remember specifically when I added it here can be tricky after two years.

This, of course, necessitated going over each and every post to add the label. That was about 375 posts when I began doing it. There are things on here that I don't recall writing, and others I wish I hadn't said or that I'd researched better, but that's why I describe myself as being 'in training".

In addition to reviewing all my posts, I also reviewed the comments that were posted (and removed a little spam). There were a handful I'd never seen before. If someone writes a comment after the post has "fallen off" the main page, I seldom go back to see if one's been added much later.

One unseen comment was in regards to my purchase of a hemp wallet. I was lightly chastised by "kelly" for not looking around more and getting hosed on the price.

Well...She was right. At the time, I did look around and did not find any options that were far better. And I was quite pleased with my purchase, as that post explains, but one thing that I was not able to evaluate at the time is durability. When it comes to durability, sometimes only time can tell, right?

That wallet got roughed up fast. There was a hole starting on the back of it and another through the change pocket. They're partially my fault for carrying too much change, but I admit to a fair bit of disappointment when I started noticing the wear and tear so soon after my purchase.

So I tried all over again to find a quality hemp wallet. And this time it took me about 40 seconds to come up with a far better option.

I got the green one. I found it on the Good Humans site that is now linked at bottom right. I was happier with it from the moment that my hand made contact with it. It's obviously more durable, has more room for coins, the cards are all in one spot...and it was about half the price of the one I bought from Downbound.

We'll see how long this one lasts.


Anonymous said...

well...this is all part of the learning curve*

T.H.I.T. said...

No better teacher than experience!