Sunday, March 30, 2008

Garbage Warrior

Every town needs a theater like the Bytowne Theater.

Unashamed to reveal my continued climb towards "grumpy old bastard" status, I don't mind stating plainly that movie theaters are one of those things that were better "in my day" (and perhaps before, but I don't really know. I wasn't there).

The Bytowne is "old school", as the kids that I'll soon by yelling at to get off me lawn would say. It's huge in comparison to the current Silver City type of theaters that have more screens than total seats. They also carve out their own niche by often playing artsy-fartsy, foreign, obscure films.

I picked up one of their schedules the other day because I needed something to read during my lunch break at work. I saw one film that I thought sounded interesting. It is called Garbage Warrior. Not to be confused with cult b-movie The Toxic Avenger.

Garbage Warrior is about an American named Michael Reynolds who builds homes from, well, garbage (old tires and empty pop bottles) . Apparently the homes are self-sustaining in that they generate their own power, heat and water. They have been, however, a work in progress and learned through trial and error as the man has made some mistakes during the 30 years that he's been at it. And, of course, he's had to fight against his government.

The man sounds like quite a character. I scanned the schedule and it was not THIT-friendly; Monday to Thursday between April 21st and 24th until it hit me (about three weeks later) that I'm on vacation that week.

So THIT family, if you're reading this, try to keep those dates open if you're interested in attending with us.


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Anonymous said...

This member of the THIT family still has a few openings in her social calendar to squeeze in a movie:-)