Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kindness Week?? Screw that!

Last weekend, Mrs THIT and I were having our taxes done (for 2005...*groan*) and in the H&R Block office's waiting room, I happened across the Reader's Digest issue which included the results of the Canadian rudeness test. In that test, Ottawa came in 11th of 11 cities in terms of politeness.

I recall at the time that a number of people agreed that you dealt with more rudeness in Ottawa than in other Canadian towns, while others stated that it was a crap test, non-scientific, etc. Whatever.

I was reminded recently of something a buddy of mine posted on a message board. It was a poll in the Ottawa Sun about whether folks...Well, see for yourself.

Will you be going out of your way to be kind during Kindness Week?

Yes 27%
No 73%

Total Votes for this Question: 859

Despite the message sent, I have to laugh. "Can't be kind. Too busy."

All right, maybe people just don't think of it as going "out of their way" because they're happy to add another act of kindness to their day. Or maybe they mean that they'll make small efforts that really aren't that far removed from their routine. It's certainly not the impression I get.

Now, if it's just a matter of laziness, you're talking my language!

I'm going to make a suggestion; you can be kinder without making any kind of effort. Instead...Spend less time being nasty! See how that works? You're being kinder by doing less! It makes perfect sense!

Don't say "On kindness week, I'm going to buy my co-worker a card to show my appreciation for her dedication". Say "during Kindness Week, I'm going to give one fewer person the finger while driving".

Everybody wins!

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Lynn Sinclair said...

You're doing your 2005 taxes now?

I like to think of myself as a kind person -- one who does a few nice things each day. If someone asked me if I'd be going out of my way for kindness week, I'd have to say "no". Going out of one's way just makes it sound as though being kind takes effort. It really doesn't.