Friday, March 21, 2008


Earlier today, Mrs THIT and I visited the Ottawa Home Show.

To no one's surprise I'm sure, I can admit it was her idea. Not that I was opposed to it, mind you, it just wouldn't have occured to me to suggest it. It's not something that you consider ultra-cool, like a comic book convention.


Though ultimately eager to go, I can also admit that I was disappointed. I must have been in a significant minority mind you because the place was crawling with people even as we arrived an hour after opening time. That didn't help my cause since I detest being in large crowds.

Personally, I was hoping to find some green inspiration but I found very little. Not knocking the Home Show for that really; it never made that promise. I thought that the whole "green" thing was in the public eye enough to encourage its inclusion, however. It wasn't to any significant degree so my interest in the whole thing dipped quite rapidly.

Nevertheless, Mrs THIT pointed out something to me that I found interesting. The ReStore...huh...stores.

What is a ReStore?

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a non-profit retail home renovation centre that accepts quality new and used building, home renovation and home d├ęcor products. These items are sold in our 10,000 square foot ware house to the public.

Sales generate funds to support Habitat's home building programs, while reducing the amount of useable materials that are headed for overflowing landfills!

I once posted about Habitat for Humanity, though I believe they are fairly widely known. But at the time, I was not aware of this part of their operation, and I quite like the idea.

I also did not know that my sister-in-law used to volunteer for them! If you're reading this, Kathy, you go, girl!

If you're interested in finding a Restore near you, check out this page.

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Lynn Sinclair said...

This is a great idea -- the garbage collectors won't take excess building supplies (and really, why would we want to clutter the landfill sites with the stuff?), so what do we do with it? I see there's a Restore very near me, and I've got some stuff in the garage I've been hoping to get rid of.