Saturday, January 21, 2006

M'Man Dave!

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed a link at right to the David Suzuki Foundation.

As part of the process of trying to get smart about this stuff, I went around checking all kinds of websites and signing up for newsletters and such. No problem there.

But in terms of actual involvement and/or donations, things got a little cloudy. I don't know most of these organizations from a hole in the ground, and I have no idea where my money is really going. Am I saving a patch of grass somewhere, at least, or buying a couple of lap dances for some dude? You see the dilemma I was faced with? What to do?!

At first I thought I should only subscribe to organizations that give a little something back. Maybe I get a crappy ballcap from organization-x when I subscribe, but at least I have something to show for my hard-earned coin if it goes to waste. Worst-case scenario, I'm not getting a sunburn on my forehead again at Bluesfest this year, right? And let's face it, I won't have this beautiful head of hair forever!

Then I came across David Suzuki's Foundation and thought that would be a pretty good start. I figure I'm pretty safe there; Dave probably won't be spending my $$ on strippers any time soon. Furthermore it came with a certain stamp of approval that I didn't know existed.

The Canadian Centre for Philanthropy? I thought philanthropists were stamp collectors. Apparently not. I need to look that up. Something else to learn. I believe I have a source in the family for that one though.

In any event, it seems to legitimating (if that's a word; it seems about four syllables too long) something that didn't really need it all that badly.

So now I'm a "friend" of David Suzuki. If Dave's going to check out strippers in the area, now he has someone to go with.

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