Saturday, January 21, 2006

Treehugger in Training


I'm not sure what I'm doing here, exactly, but in a way that's the point of this whole exercise.

Over the past couple of years, I've become more and more interested in green stuff. I don't really know what happened, or when. I think the credit goes to my lovely wife Christine and/or the official T.H.I.T. mascot Oscar, seen here looking a little drowsy.

In any event, I started looking into it a bit as part of the approximate 22.8 hours a day I spend on the computer, and came to a very simple conclusion:

I don't know $#!t about that stuff, really.

Millions of links, conflicting information and a tendency on my part to not believe everything I read doesn't help things at all.

Neither does the fact that I simply didn't get a whole lot of it. Hey, I don't mind admitting it! It probably won't come as a shock to anyone who knows me anyway...

So I'm going to sit down and learn. It may increase my computer time from 22.8 hours a day to an arguably excessive 23.1 or so, but whatever.

So if you've actually made this far, well...First off, let me praise your endurance.

Second, you're probably (not) wondering why I'm blogging all this crap. Couple of reasons: For me to do this, I have to make it entertaining for myself. This should help.

Also, I wanted to keep something of a diary so that I didn't end up covering the same ground twice. Otherwise, I could conceivably extend my computer time to something like 24.8 hours a day and cause a rift in the space-time continuum.

And don't say it couldn't happen! I saw it in a Justice Society comic book once! See, Dr. Fate was being hounded by this ancient wizard bastard named Nabu, and...

But I digress. I'll be recording what should a pretty steep learning curve. We'll see where it leads. There should be a fair amount of stuff at first because I have to catch up on what I've learned so far.

On second thought, that probably doesn't qualify as "a fair amount". Besides I have to go and shovel all the goddamn sno...huh...Lovely white powder that we've been...Blessed with. Then hug the snow bank. I think that's expected of me.

P.S. I know that "treehugger" is actually one word, but if I used it that way, my abbreviation would make a dirty word. And while that would cause me endless hours of giggling, I have some research to do. And shovelling. And hugging.

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FAF said...

Congratulations on this new endeavour. And Thank You to your lovely wife for slowly but surely making a green treehugger of you. Last but not least...great mascot!!! Oscar rules*