Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Booster Believer!

Great Googly Moogly! Ever have this stuff?!

I'm fairly lucky in that in the area where I work, I can find a number of vegetarian food options. Still, there are days that you just don't know what you feel like having.

I forget what prompted it, but a co-worker showed me a flier he had at his desk for Booster Juice. I had a flip through and got a better feel for their product. I thought they were basically glorified milkshakes, but no way Irene!

What's with the name!! BOOSTER JUICE!!? In every smoothie you get a free booster. This free booster is a nutritional supplement. Feeling a bit run down? Choose the Cold Warrior Booster it's full of Echinacea and Goldenseal which are two of the best herbs for building your immune system. Needing a bit of extra energy? Go with our Energy Booster which is a blend of Korean ginseng and bee pollen. The boosters give the customer the enjoyment of customizing their drink. These are just two of our ten boosters which are researched and developed for us with private labeling.

Indeed? But my problem is that I usually only have a small breakfast before leaving for work, so I need something filling. No problem, Chester!

Sonic Soy Low fat soymilk, blended with blueberry, strawberry, sorbet, Wilderness Booster and Protein Booster. Get added protein and enjoy a delicious non-dairy smoothie designed for the health conscious crowd.

That's me all over, motherfu...well, whatever. If I recall correctly (always a shaky proposition) protein is one of the nutrients that they tell you to watch out for if you turn to a vegetarian diet. You may not get enough. The occasional Booster ought to help.

In any event, highly recommended. Check out their menu, learn about this "power berry" they make reference to (I worked in the produce section of a grocery store in my late teens and never heard of it), and next time you happen to walk by one of their locations in some mall, treat yourself.

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