Saturday, December 23, 2006

Future Road Trip?

Nature Canada shares its December '06 Picture of the Month and ask the question "Do you ever wonder if animals behave any differently when they think that no one is watching?". :-)

This is probably what I'll look like next weekend while the College Football Bowl games are on. Except I won't be licking myself.

Looking as though all he needs is a remote control and a bag of chips, this lounging polar bear is conserving valuable energy resources. Polar bears from the Churchill population lose their seal-hunting platform when the ice disappears in the spring and so must fast throughout the summer and into fall until the ice forms once again. The bears gather near Cape Churchill where a combination of factors allows freeze up to occur earlier than elsewhere in the area. As many as 10,000 tourists from around the world also gather near the Cape at this time to get a close look at one of the world’s most remarkable animals.

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