Thursday, January 04, 2007

Behold The Canuckoscope!!

Yeah, dawg! Got me a new machine for saving the world!

Note: True, the monitor was not included (which doesn't matter, because we'd bought a new one fairly recently), but my keyboard is in reverse; my keys are dark and the rest is light.

I had to take the plunge. Laying in bed early on december 24th with the mrs, seeking out deals on appliances for El casa Del Treehugger, I came across that sweetheart among the boxing day sales. Not usually one to look real hard at those, I was on that one like Michael Jackson on a toddler.

Hey, I was still saving the planet with 128MB of RAM! That's like starting your day without a cup of lovely organic, fairly-traded coffee. Now, the new Canuckoscope's got 1GB and, as you might expect, the difference is staggering.

I might have expected it too, if I actually knew what the hell I was talking about. I don't even know for certain that I said that right. Perhaps I should start a blog on being less of a computer dumb-ass.

I admit to having neglected this place a little bit over the holidays, though it's for a slightly larger reason that diving head first into organic, fairly-traded chocolate (and port. hmmm...port...).

See, throughout December, the only communications you get from charitable organizations are in regards to making yet another donation. It was going to be my last chance in 2006! No kidding. But I gather making it January 3rd would have had much the same impact.

If anyone from these fine organizations is reading, I'm going to ask for my 2007 Christmas present right now; turn it down a notch. I think I received in the neighborhood of four or five e-mails from Defenders of Wildlife in particular. Come on, man. Not exactly picking the best time of year either, are we??

So relax a spell and drink some organic, fairly-traded eggnog (if there's such a thing...I still have a lot to learn) and enjoy the holidays.

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