Friday, January 12, 2007

I Knew I Liked these Guys.

OTTAWA, Jan. 9 /CNW Telbec/ - The Green Party says Canadians
deserve a break - a real break, not the paltry two weeks'
annual leave now given to most of the country's workers.
The party is calling on the federal government to increase
the Canadian worker's paid vacation time to a minimum four
weeks, the standard entitlement in the European Union and also
in non-EU nations such as Australia.
A significant number of countries have even higher standards
than the proposed four-week minimum and their economies outperform
Canada's in both productivity and international competitiveness,
the party says.
"The citizens of Denmark, Ireland and Holland enjoy much higher
labour standards and those countries have lower rates of unemployment
than Canada, "said Green Party labour critic Richard Pereira. "This
means lower social costs to the country as a whole."
He said that Scandinavian countries have the world's highest labour
and social standards but still rank at the top in international
Recent studies show that a growing number of Canadians are not taking
their full vacation - or any vacation at all - and are putting in
more hours of unpaid overtime. Meanwhile, workplace stress-related
illness adds an
estimated $5 billion a year to the cost of running
Canada's already
overburdened health care system, according to the
National Work-Life Conflict
Study produced for Health Canada.
Pereira said that the increasing prevalence of precarious and
temporary employment situations, often without either benefits or
long-term pensions, is another area that must be addressed to halt
the steady deterioration of working conditions and reduce unacceptably
high levels of poverty in Canada.

All right!! More time for me to go camping! :-)

I don't want to give the wrong impression though. I don't support these guys because they want to give me more vacation time and reduce the length of the work week. That would be a rather ridiculous reason to vote for a party.

For me, it's about fighting the disease instead of the symptom. That's why I highlighted a part in italics about taking pressure off the health care system.

When you are losing money, you don't just have the option to try to find ways to bring in more. You can also reduce your expenses. This is what is suggested in this example.

I once heard someone say that the stance is insane because you can't help having people get sick. Of course people will get sick. To suggest otherwise is absurd.

But if you can attack the preventable stuff, why would you not?

The former Green leader, Jim Harris, occasionally gave the example of how the rate of asthma in children has increased dramatically. Attack the cause and kill two birds with one stone; a healthier population and a healthier system.

I don't know...makes sense to me, anyway.

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Saskboy said...

MyBlagh doesn't like the idea. Strange, it seems oddly worker friendly, something the NDP should support.

I recently learned that people in Holland get an extra day of vacation a month if they have a workplace without a window. We're working too much in Canada, and not leaving any leisure time for things like politics, and taking care of our health and families.