Thursday, January 11, 2007

Recovering Species: The Gym Rat!

Statistics show that it's 960% easier to break a good habit than to start one.

Of course, I totally made up that statistic, but it feels about right.

About ten years ago I started going to the gym, and struggled to get in the habit. But I eventually did manage it and my regular gym visits became sacred. I would plan around them instead of trying to find excuses to avoid them.

Along the way I've given up on it, started again...usually my attendance is vanity-driven. If I started looking a little too much like this guy...

...I'd get myself back in there. For a while.

But having become vegetarian, weight gain is not really an issue for me. I'm fortunate enough to have a fairly rapid metabolism, so I don't pork up too much. Therefore, if weight gain isn't an issue without having to go to the gym, then I need another motivator.

I had that last year. When I signed up for my CN Tower Climb, I saw the wisdom in preparing for the event. I renewed my dedication to gym attendance and made the stairmaster my b!tch. Ha! Who calls himself "master" now, bucko?!!

Then it finally dawned on me! I'm moving April 23rd! That requires heavy lifting!

So I'm going to become a mini-powerhouse! Grrrrrrr!! Starting January 23rd, I'm giving myself three months to beef up (figuratively. And cleanly).

Between now and then, I'll dig up my old documentation on the subject. I used to buy Men's Health Magazine and kept a number of articles with good tips and such. I want to find more nutritional advise as well. Besides, that extra couple of weeks will give the new year's resolutioners time to filter out.

So that's it! For that next couple of months at least, I have my motivation! I'm going to go from this... this...

Huh...except I won't wear chain mail on my head.

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