Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hair Die

Even though the environment is one of (if not "the") top concerns of Canadian voters according to a number of polls, I don't discuss politics much on here.

There are a variety of reasons for that. Among them...

  • Unless it's specific to the environmental or personal health, it's off topic.
  • It's a topic that you're either quite interested in, or bored senseless by. If you fit the latter category, you'd probably see the subject matter and leave right away.
  • I'm a Green Party member, but I believe that saying so on this blog creates a perception that I am only due to their environmental stance. And that's not true.
  • I don't want to come off as a shill. I'm the same with vegetarianism. I'm very willing to discuss it, but if you come off as though you're trying to cram an issue down people's throat, you end up having the opposite effect that you wish you could have. You turn people off.

That said, I came across a link that I want to share as a result of keeping tracking of the Green Party across the country. Recently, the Guardian, a newspaper covering Prince Edward Island (like the dew, apparently...I like that) ran a story about how the Greens had selected 18 candidates to run in the pronvincial election there.

Like many only online newspapers, the option to leave a comment is available. Someone (scroll to the bottom of the page if the article is still available online) asked, perhaps sarcastically...

Hair dye damages the environment. Does the Green Party support a ban of hair dye. Do any Green Party members use hair dye????

The PEI Green Party Leader had answer within an hour a half: are absolutley (sic) right that hair dye damages the environment, not to mention what it does to human health. You ask if any Green party members dye their hair. Can't speak for others but I don't. I did the research and some of the writing for the Less Toxic Guide.

There you go. And neither do I, despite the apparent glee with which people like to point out to me that I'm getting a little more snow on the roof these days. Well, I've always said I'd rather look like Phil Donahue...

...than Uncle Fester.

So believe me, I'm not losing any sleep at night.

Besides, when you colour your hair, you eventually reach an age where it's painfully obvious that you're hiding something. My personal opinion is that you're better off trying to grow old with a little dignity.

And now, for no particular reason, here's a picture of Donald Trump.

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