Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nature's Pop!

Do you remember that post where I admitted to being rather lazy? I'd look it up for you, know...

My laziness extends to breakfast. I'm not much of a morning person, so I leave the bare minimum to and get up as late as I can. Whatever extra time I have is spent checking out news on the internet, not doing anything that might remotely involve effort and especially preparing a meal for myself. Hell, if it was socially acceptable to sleep in my clothes before going to work, I would.

Well a minor miracle caught my eye this evening as I made my way through the natural section of a nearby grocery store.

Whooo!! Organic "toaster pastries" (Pop Tarts, to you and me)!

Ah, memories or making Pop Tarts for myself when I was kid...Still about the only "cooking" I can pull off without injuring myself or a neighbor. And like every kid I'd always take my first bite too early and burn the tip of my tongue on the goo inside.

So now, are these healthy? Well...They're healthier. Bearing in mind that they're a little smaller, here's a brief comparative study:

Pop Tarts (62g) / Toaster Pastries (52g)

  • Calories: 254 / 200
  • Calories from fat: 99 / 35
  • Fat: 17g / 4g
  • Sodium: 170mg / 125mg
  • Iron: 6% / 8%

The rest is pretty comparable. And then you factor in the organic part. But to be entirely honest, when I stagger out of bed tomorrow and burn the tip of my tongue on one of these bad boys, I won't be thinking about how I'm eating 55g less sodium. I'll just be diggin' my toaster pastry!

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