Saturday, April 01, 2006

My Hemp Wallet!

I've totally forgotten to mention that I received my kick-ass hemp wallet in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I had ordered it from but it was made by Ecolution. It's identical to the above, but I got the dark green version.

I'm very happy with it primarily because it's far less bulky. My old wallet at times would require Greco-Roman wrestling techniques to pull out of my back pocket. It would also create holes in them. Bills are only 2/3 of the length of the thing, to give you an idea of how long it is, yet it folds very easily. There's all kinds of room for cards and such as well, and they don't tend to slide around and/or slip out.

There are a couple of drawbacks though. The change pocket is the most annoying thing. Look at the picture above. Imagine that you're holding the wallet sideways to pull out a bill. What do you think happens if the change pocket is even partially open? Indeed! A glittering, tinkering cascade of copper around your feet. Adn that can be embarassing when it happens as you walk by the porn section of your favourite magazine store. On the way to the sports section, of course.

Also (and this is not a knock on the product as such but it is irritating) this thing is made with the American market in mind. Americans don't have coins for their $1 and $2. Canadians haul far more coinage around, but this thing isn't designed for that. Trying to pull out 39 cents from there while in line at the convenience store holding a bag of vegetable chips and a V8-Splash (Strawbery/Kiwi. A great source of vitamin C, I might add...) is about as easy as Chinese calculus.

Regardless, I'm pleased with my purchase. Ecolution included a small desk calendar as well as promotional material, and going through downbound was seamless. Thumbs up.

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