Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And I Would Walk One Hundred Miles...

the proclaimers

Have I mentioned that I climbed the CN Tower recently?

Discussing this with a co-worker of mine the other day, she told me about what her father-in-law does. The dude walks from Ottawa (or maybe Gatineau, on the Quebec side, I'm not certain) to close to Montreal. It's something referred to as the "PĂ©lerinage Chemin des Centenaires". That's difficult to translate, but the point is that it's a pilgrimage. In total, it's 223 kilometres (about 139 miles) over the course of 12 days. He's doing it again this year, starting June 11th and and reaching his destination on the 22nd.

Fairly impressive in itself.

Then you're told he's 87 years old.

Man, I love that to death. I recall an older gentleman at my previous gym who used to pound the treadmill until sweat dripped from his elbows. Tell me that doesn't push you into going an extra few minutes on your own machine.

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FAF said...

i am impressed!!! as i type this, i just returned from gym. what an incentive!!! thank you. this story made my day:-)