Sunday, May 21, 2006

I Feel Another Mission Coming On.

In 2010, Canada will play host to the world as the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games come to Vancouver/ Whistler and our athletes will take centre stage. This year the Hbc Run for Canada will focus on providing our brightest young athletes the best chance possible to compete at an international level.

The focus of the 2006 Hbc Run for Canada will build on the spirit of Canada! The fundraising element of the event will now focus on raising money for our Canadian athletes striving for success in the Olympic, Paralympic, Commonwealth and Pan Am Games between now and the 2012 Olympic games. We want to provide these bright young athletes the best possible chance to compete at an international level.

Two hundred different Canadian athletes have been identified by the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Hbc Foundation has pledged to raise a $5000 bursary for each of them. With your help we can help our athletes achieve their dreams!

I can dig that. They have three categories: 10K Run, 3K Walk, 1K kids Walk. The run is probably still out of my league, and while I'm not much bigger than a toddler, I doubt they'd let me do that one. But a 3K walk? That's more than manageable. I could do that with my eyes closed.

Well...anyone could do it with their eyes closed. You don't need to see to walk, as long you have decent directions. But that's neither here nor there, and I digress somewhat.

I have other things to look into, because I had other plans that day and it may be that this will clash, but like the CN Tower Climb before, I'm going to aim for this. I always enjoy the Olympics, and as one of the many people who has bitched that the athletes aren't properly funded, it would be almost hypocritical to skip over this opportunity.

We'll see what happens. More details by clicking the picture above.

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