Monday, May 01, 2006

No Animals Were Harmed in the Writing of this Post.

Press release from the API:

The Animal Protection Institute (API) today announces the launch of its new consumer-driven campaign to combat the misleading animal testing labeling practices by the cosmetics industry.
Recognizing that consumers wish to avoid animal testing when shopping for cosmetics, many companies label their products as “not tested on animals” but, sadly, those claims can be misleading. “Not tested on animals” may only refer to the final product, not its ingredients, or the company itself may not test their products on animals, but may pay someone else to do it.
API is leading a national initiative to educate consumers and animal advocates nationwide to bring to light misleading labeling by cosmetics companies and empower the public to make ethical choices when shopping, by supporting only those companies that are signed up to the Leaping Bunny program — the only internationally recognized standard that guarantees that products are free from animal testing.

API’s campaign includes the launch of a cosmetics dedicated website — Packed with educational materials, resources, and shopping tools, the website will empower concerned consumers like you to make ethical choices when shopping.

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FAF said...

as i always check for this "not tested on animals" label, i was shocked to read this article! looks like there is always a loophole to be found.