Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Something to Sink your Choppers Into

The first person to surprise me in terms of being into this whole "green" stuff was Woody Harrelson. Here's #2.

That reminds me, I don't believe they've selected the hottest vegetarian yet. At least, I didn't get a phone call. will investigate.

LONG BEACH — You won't find any cat burgers or mystery soups at this greasy spoon.

Long Beach motorcycle builder Jesse James, of West Coast Choppers fame, is expanding his
modest blue-collar business empire into fast food with the opening of an earth-friendly
hamburger joint featuring prime beef, organic veggies and biodegradable wrapping.

"I wanted something you could eat everyday and not feel like (garbage) afterwards," said
James, who attended the eatery's grand opening Friday with actress wife Sandra Bullock.

"We're offering something a little healthier with better cuts of meat. You can eat it and not feel
like you're getting all fat and sick."

Cisco Burger, at 620 W. Anaheim St., is located just east of James' West Coast Choppers
complex, where the 37-year-old films "Monster Garage" for cable TV's Discovery Channel.
The show features James and a crew of rotating motorheads building one-of-a-kind vehicles
like a police cruiser/mobile doughnut maker and a Chevy Suburban/wedding chapel. The
restaurant, which features preservative and hormone-free Kobe beef burgers, low-fat burritos
and organic toppings and dairy, is powered by solar panels on the roof and employs about 30
full-and part-time workers, James said.

Cisco, named after James' sharp-toothed pet pit bull, is reminiscent of a 1950s-era burger stand
with stainless steel seat posts, open grill, tile flooring and neon outdoor sign. The site is
located next to a former railroad right-of-way which is being converted by the city into a
greenbelt park.

"We're expecting pretty good business from the neighborhood people and from all the workers
on the Westside and in the port," James said. "We'll wait and see how it does."

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