Wednesday, September 27, 2006

An Inconvenient Read

I was at the gym earlier today, bustin' my glutes, when between exercises I happened by the magazine counter they have there. They never have anything good (they're mostly geared towards women, and I can't get behind articles entitled "Learn how to get your man to do what YOU want!") but I scoped it anyway.

I came upon a mag called Western Standard (if I recall correctly). Seems less like a publication about the Western provinces than an infomercial for the Conservative government, but I leafed through it anyway.

There's a movie review in there for An Inconvenient Truth. Seemed a little late for that, but the magazine was dated July 3rd.

Not everyone likes this flick. And generally speaking, I don't care if someone doesn't like something that I do, if they can at least give me a reasonably valid reason. Even if I disagree with it, I'll at least respect the opinion.

This review contained a criticism of Inconvenient Truth that I've read both before and since seeing it; that Al Gore is long on theories, but short on solutions.

Bullshit. While the end credits run, they list all kinds of ways by which you can reduce your impact on the environment. The movie leads you right into it!

It's amazing to me that anyone can miss it, but at least it speaks volumes about both the accuracy and the mindset of the person writing the review.

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