Saturday, September 16, 2006

So If I Write To a Vegan Vixen...

...the old-fashioned way (snail mail) would they be opposed to my use of this product?

It is paper made from sheep poo. Technically an animal by-product.

I think it would be okay.
Gardeners know it is ideal for making compost but now a company in Snowdonia has won an award for being even more innovative with sheep droppings.

Creative Paper Wales has produced greetings cards and gifts made from the by-products of its woolly neighbours.

Its Sheep Poo Paper products have won a £20,000 Millennium Award for "social entrepreneurship".

After the sheep droppings are collected, they are sterilised, washed and mixed with other recycled paper.

This is then turned into the finished paper and cardboard while the washing water is distributed to local growers as concentrated fertiliser.

Click on the poo-paper image for the full article (so long as the link is active, that is...)

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