Sunday, February 18, 2007

FAX on Junk Mail

Here's a little tip that I spotted in a newsletter from Green Communities:

FAX ON JUNK MAIL. In addition to limiting where you provide your mailing address, stop a good deal of junk mail, and waste, by registering with the Canadian Marketing Association’s Do Not Call/Mail list. Get the low down on CRTC regulations regarding unsolicited FAX use and use a simple ‘No Flyers’ sticker on your mail box. Send the junk back for advertisers to deal with (and pay for through taxes in their own municipality, not yours) by using postage paid envelopes.

Apparently the CMA involves about 800 companies.

More applicable to us, they have a "no call" list as well. The last time I stayed home from work due to illness, the phone rang seven times during the day. Being that no one was supposed to be home, it can be nothing but marketing calls and perhaps a wrong number or two. It's insane.

It's said to take about six weeks to take effect. Because we're moving and likely changing numbers, we may not get to really evaluate how well it's worked but it's worth a shot. And if it makes things worse, we'll know for the new place.

I didn't sign up for the mailing one yet, in the event that it prevents me from receiving mail from certain charities I've supported (I doubt it, but didn't want to take the chance).

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