Monday, February 19, 2007

Slam Evil!

Couldn't ask for better timing for this story to come out, since I discussed something similar just a few days ago. Another comic company is donating sales proceeds to a charity that helps young people deal with the hardships of war in their country.

The Phantom isn't a character I've ever gotten bit-time into, though I did see the 1996 movie with Billy Zane and a then-unknown, but no less global warming, Catherine Zeta-Jones. I would suspect that, if the character is written true to form, that this would be a non-violent book that parents could buy for their kids. They might even be able to trick them into learning something that way!

Here are excepts from an article on a site called Comic Book Resources:

...people around the world remain exploited and violated...such as in Uganda where children are being kidnapped for use as pawns in a barbaric war.

While it may seem there's not much you...can do to fight these acts of sadism, writer Mike Bullock and Moonstone Books have teamed up to show that you're wrong.

Beginning in June's "The Phantom"#17, and continuing through issue #19, proceeds from the sale of each issue will be donated to the charity Invisible Children to create sanctuaries for these children, safe havens where they may live in peace and with proper nourishment. CBR News spoke with Bullock to learn about these real life villains, what his "Phantom"story is all about and the origins of the tale.
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