Friday, October 06, 2006

50 Cent Shells Out Some Coin.

Man alive do I hate rap. I hate everything about it; the amount of sampling used, the repetitive nature of it (both musically and in terms of themes...every song is about only a handful of possible topics), and the image that 99% of these guys put out there. Despite all that, I also hate their nasty little habit of killing one another over seemingly endless feuds.

Check out the sweetheart above. He's one I particularly despise. Not only has his painfully insipid music caused me to ask myself whether I'd fit in our oven, but like the majority of rappers he has to bend over backwards to show you how much money he has now (Nice cross. Goes great with that gun) and what a tough-ass he is. I avoid rap music like hemorrhoids (though given the choice, I'd rather have the latter) and yet I've still heard his claim of being shot nine times on several occasions.

Here's where it rubs me raw...Catching up on my e-mail, I come across this link about the G-Unity Foundation in a newsletter from Grist Magazine. Their mission:

The G-Unity Foundation is a public foundation that will provide grants to nonprofit organizations that focus on improving the quality of life for low-income and underserved communities.

Very nice. Board of Directors:

Curtis J. Jackson, III "50 Cent"
Christopher C. Lloyde, Jr. p/k/a "Lloyd Banks"
Marvin Bernard p/k/a "Tony Yayo"
David Darnell Brown p/k/a "Young Buck"
Chris Lighty
Theodor K. Sedlmayr, Esq.
Bruce Seckendorf, CPA

There you go. Now why don't we hear this stuff more? Are record companies reluctant to promote these actions because they find them non-marketable? Are the media ignoring it while waiting for 50 Cent's 10th gunshot wound?

No idea, but I do wish they were more widely known, no matter what they might do to 50 Cent's "street cred". He apparently calls himself 50 Cent because he's about change (Get it? 50 Cent? Change? Good grief...). Glad to see that he's taking advantage of his opportunity to do just that, but it'd be a nicer change to see him be a positive role model rather than go on in pointless feuds with the likes of Fat Joe.

No doubt anybody called upon to be the trigger man in one of these rap "feuds" would like to get the Fat Joe assignment.

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