Sunday, October 15, 2006

Meatless Rock Star

Regardless of the fact that Canada is 2-0 on the show, I'm not personally a big fan of the Rock Star TV series on which people compete to be the lead singer for some band. I have nothing against it, mind you, and in fact I appreciate that they at least tend to be much more respectful of the contestants, unlike that tool on American Idol.

Mrs THIT, however, really gets a kick out of it, even taping the show when we'd go to the gym. So with her in mind, I've entered the following contest that was included in a PETA newsletter:

JD Fortune 'Love "Em, Don't Eat 'Em" Ad
Photo: Supriya Ruparelia/Klint Collier
Ever since Canadian J.D. Fortune won 2005's hit CBS series Rock Star: INXS—the reality show about rockers vying for the chance to become the next lead singer of the Australian hit-making band INXS, he's become the hottest “New Sensation” in the music world. Anyone who watched the show knows how passionate J.D. is about music and INXS, but luckily for animals, J.D. is just as passionate about protecting them! In his new public service announcement (PSA) for PETA, longtime vegetarian J.D. sings the praises of animals, encouraging people to "Love 'Em, Don't Eat 'Em."

"Ever since I became a member of INXS, my life has really kicked into high gear," says J.D. in the exclusive PSA. "Being part of a band takes a lot of energy. That's one reason I became a vegetarian. I feel better physically, I've got a lot more energy, and I feel better emotionally, knowing that I'm not contributing to the suffering of animals worldwide."

One can win a shirt and a signed copy of the INXS CD that Fortune sang on. Anyone interested in entering can do so at this link.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go stand up against poverty...

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