Sunday, October 22, 2006

Better Her Back Tire Than Her Right Leg.


Christine struggled to get a good shot of her back tire because of lousy lighting and an inability to get an angle that would do it justice. The above was about the best she could do, but you get the idea.

Her front tire looks better, but it took some damage too. From the looks of things, she took a shot on the back tire only, which sent her and the bike flying, and the landing on the front tire was what caused it to warp slightly. In any event, again, she's mostly okay; Still a little tight in the right shoulder but improving.

In lighter news, we went and visited our Energy Star hole in the ground earlier today. Christine had been antsy about a lack of progress to this point. I specifically recall being told that they wouldn't start digging until October, yet somehow she missed that. Rather uncanny when you consider that her attention to detail in regards to such things is normally far superior to mine. Can't believe she missed that one and I retained it.

Click on the picture for a larger version, not that there's a great deal more to see.

We're stoked that we finally have a street sign (we'd struggled like crazy to even determine which hole was ours) and a light post!

Oscar seems to dig it too.

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FAF said...

Wow! Nice Energy Star hole in the ground! Doesn't it start feeling like home already? Well, Oscar almost looks ready to move in soon:-)
As for the bike...yikes!!! I sure think the angle of the pic does it justice enough! Scary!!!