Saturday, April 01, 2006

Iams Cruelty Claims.

I'm stunned that I've never come across this before. In case I'm not the only pet owner to have totally missed the boat on this, I'll link the PETA's story about how one of their members went to work for IAMS undercover for a few months. If you find this stuff infuriating, you might want to skip it. Instead, have a look at this list of pet care product companies that claim to not test on animals.


Jennifer said...

Hi, I don't mean to bother you, but I just came across your post. I work for The Iams Company and can tell you that we don't do anything to harm dogs and cats. There is a lot of missinformation out there and for the facts you might want to check out or you can also get information at There are two sides to every story and I hope you take the time to look at both sides.
Thanks, Jennifer

FAF said...

I knew I would be infuriated and sad. But I read the story. Then I saw Jennifer's post. Of course, working for The Iams Company, her post makes sense. But I will also read the links she provided and check the other side of the all fairness.

T.H.I.T. said...

Of course. This entire thing exists because of I tend to be undecided about a number of things.

I can also allow for the possiblity that *if* at some point Iams did do those things, they've since cleaned up their act.

FAF said...

Again, in all fairness, I read the links provided by Jennifer. One of them is made by Iams. I certainly did not expect to find any stories of animal cruelty there. But I was pleased to read the section "What the experts say" I will not argue with some of those experts. On the other hand, PETA is also a well renowned organisation.

My conclusion. As with any politics, we will never know the true story.