Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Million Trees, A Million Dreams

I've never heard of Shaklee before, but surfing from a link provided in a newsletter I subscribe to (Ideal Bite) led me to their site. I'm digging this program they have recently started...

In honor of the Shaklee Corporation’s 50th Anniversary, Shaklee will begin a North American tree-planting campaign to take place across the United States and Canada and last throughout the entire year. Shaklee Corporation’s more than 750,000 Distributors will organize tree-planting events in their respective communities – at parks, schools, and other public areas. The company’s goal is to plant more than one million trees throughout North America to help offset a significant portion of the CO2 the company must produce to conduct business. At the same time, Shaklee wants to raise public awareness of global climate change and the need to address it.

It seems at least a portion of their tree planting will be done by American Forests. I can't link directly to their specific campaigns, but if you click on the "Plant Trees Now" link at the top left, you'll see them listed. The Shaklee one is at the very bottom. A buck a tree? I can swing for a few...

Now I chose the "Donate in Canada" option, but the online purchase option does not allow me to enter a Canadian postal code as opposed to a zip code. So I entered a fake one. It also made my phone number a "required" field, which I didn't care for. A bit of a bother, but I'll follow up. They gave me a link by which I can track my order. Makes it sound like they're mailing multiple trees to me.

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