Friday, April 07, 2006

The Isaac Foundation

Just around the time I got the Renegade DoNations thing set up, where people could buy tickets to Ottawa Renegades football games and donate them to youth-oriented charities, I contacted the public relations department of the company I work for to find out the policy regarding charitable donations.

Would they help out and purchase tickets to donate? Paraphrased response: "'fraid not. The funds themselves are going to the football team, and they're not a charity".

He obviously hasn't been reading the papers. But I could see his point anyway.

Then I was going to climb the CN Tower! Surely they'd find an opportunity there!

Paraphrased response: "We only match direct donations, we don't match pledges".

Ah! Never mind the fact that I don't actually touch the online donations and that their pledge would go straight to the WWF. There's no real difference there, besides terminology (pledge vs donation) and I didn't see his point in this case. But what am I going to do? Argue??

No, but I'll certainly keep at 'em...

One of the members of Renegade Nation made us aware today of a Foundation created to "Raise money to support research into MPS VI", The Isaac Foundation. Her grandson has this condition.

I'm going to look into what my employer needs from me to GUARANTEE a match from them, then proceed. I'd said that I would find a few coins to donate every "early" pay, and I sometimes struggle to come up with one. Not this time.

And I mean, look at this kid! Tell me he's not Renegade Nation all over! Whooooo!!

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