Thursday, April 06, 2006

Our Green House Effect.

I don't believe I'm giving anything away here, because I heard Christine mention it to someone, but we're working towards moving out of our current house around this time next year.

Christine heard about the folks at Tamarack Homes from a co-worker, but didn't realise at the time that they build only Energy Star qualified homes. She found that out while reading about them in the paper. That was obviously an additional draw.

We dropped by Findlay Creek the other day and though Christine had no real intention of going after one of their end units, she was pretty blown away by the model. I was pretty impressed too, truth be told. So we're working towards that goal over the next few months, and if/when the time comes, we plan on taking the opportunity to green-up real good.

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FAF said...

the very first step in working towards a goal is not saying "if/when the time comes" is only saying "when the time comes"