Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pole to Pole

Darn! Only people between 18 and 28 can take part in this!!

Starting November 2006 at the South Pole, this second Pole to Pole journey will travel north 35,000 kilometers for eighteen months by ski, foot, sail, bicycle, canoe and kayak to the North Pole.

This journey will be undertaken by two teams of twelve youth from countries around the globe. One Team will undertake the first half of the journey and then pass the responsibility to the second Team which will complete the journey to the North Pole. Two members of the first Team will accompany the second Team providing a continuous conection from one Pole to another.

Oh, man, if I wasn't in my 30's I would SO be there!

Well, not really...I'll climb the CN Tower and buy more trees and fluorescent bulbs. That's more my speed.

Fascinating trip though...

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