Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hold Fast.

Yay, us! Even though we're not under any kind of solid contract yet, we've received mortgage pre-approval for the next house, with an expected closing of May or so of next year. That works out great and is pretty well what we'd hoped for.

Here's an abbreviated article from a recent "New Homes" magazine.
Tamarack Homes’ designs are all about details – lots of them – from superb building design and construction to finishing and appointments.

All Tamarack homes are independently accredited as ENERGY STAR homes. That means homeowners save on energy costs due to special upgraded construction and technologies according to ENERGY STAR guidelines. Every home has a special furnace with an ECM motor that reduces energy use by 80 per cent and a fully ducted heat-recovery system with separate ducts running to all the wet rooms (baths, kitchen, laundry). These rooms will have push button timers to remove air contaminants right at the source.

Homeowners will enjoy more comfort, climate control and much better air quality. Better construction technologies throughout and extra insulation enhance these homes and will be appreciated by residents.

Also in each townhome, Tamarack includes upgrade features that are typical of their high-end single-family homes, which they can enjoy from the day they move in!

Every home has a flush garage and interlock-stone walkway from the driveway to the entrance.

All manor townhomes are big and bright. They have nine-ft. ceilings, wonderful open-concept designs and are filled with quality features. Ceramics and hardwood floors on the main level are standard, as are the gorgeous Muskoka kitchens with raised bar counters, beautiful cabinetry and 40-inch upper cabinets.

On the second floor you have optional designs: choose to have the laundry room on the second floor, or create a luxury ensuite. Just imagine, from top to bottom, Tamarack completely finishes everything in these manor townhomes, including the basement.

You’ll also find a lovely fireplace on the main floor and a deck leading to the rear yard.

All Tamarack communities reflect a special emphasis on the environment, with the use of trees and native vegetation to provide wholesome outdoor spaces.
Findlay Creek Village offers a wonderful opportunity for homeowners wishing to live in the relaxing south end of the city. This community is perfect for those seeking a more peaceful setting in a conservation environment. A four-metre living fence acts as a natural landscape buffer between homes. The new homes are integrated beautifully with the wildlife habitats. All the conveniences of South Keys and the Hunt Club areas are close by, yet, Findlay Creek is a community with trails and easy access to nature and conservation areas. All around are the environmentally protected lands of the South Nation Conservation Authority.

For more information...visit the website at

Nine-foot ceilings? Thank God! Finally, I can stop beating my head against the light fixtures.

Our model is named the Dunvegan. Unless you're one of the few people in the world not totally knowledgeable about the history of Scottish castles, you don't need me to tell you that Dunvegan Castle has been, and continues to be, the stronghold of the MacLeods for going on 800 years now.

You know who's a MacLeod? This bad sumbitch right here:

Remember the movie Highlander? Man, that was a great movie! If you decide to purchase it based on my vague review, make absolutely certain that you purchase the full length version. The initial video version chopped off some historical scenes that made the movie clearer, as well as some wicked swordfighting towards the end. And make sure to not watch the sequel. It's bad enough to make you contemplate suicide.

So that's where we're at! Things could still go south (figuratively, instead of literally like we plan to) but I don't see that happening now. Our experience with the Tamarack folks has already been more positive than our dealings with the clowns at Ashcroft.


FAF said...

hhmm...i am curious to know more about this "next house" project. over next breakfast???*

T.H.I.T. said...

Sure. We can go for breakfast, then drive out there to show you the model if you'd like.