Sunday, June 18, 2006

The THIT's Great Wilderness Adventure!

The Wife, the wiener and I have just returned from our camping trip to Fitzroy Harbour. It was my second visit, but my first extended one (the first time we just spent the day at the beach).

Now I may love nature (actually, let's not call it love. It's more like "respect"), but nature doesn't seem to dig me all that much. And this despite everything I do to try to make her life better. Ungrateful b!tch!

If you click to enlarge the picture above, you'll note a gushing, squirting, gaping wound under my left knee. I got that from having to fight off one of the vicious wild beasts at Fitzroy. The blood loss made me a little loopy, so I don't recall what it was that got me; either a large mosquito, or a kodiak bear. For the sake of telling the story in the future, it'll be the kodiak.

We also came across a porcupine, which caused me to utter the following heroic phrase "Christine, I swear to you without any shame whatsoever that if that thing comes towards me, I'm running like a son of a bitch the other way". I believe that's very similar to the speech Mel Gibson gave before going into battle in Braveheart.

I'd camped before, but for some reason I was still surprised at how big the insect were. Maybe I'd gone later in the year before when they'd...huh...shrunk? No, that's pretty dumb. Anyway, I now believe that perhaps not all dinosaurs are extinct after all. One "flyer" was big enough that I felt it when it landed on me. Mrs THIT also struggled with them. Here's a picture of Christine fighting off an insect of undetermined origin.

Artist's Rendition

Anyway, for all that, it was a nice time. Oscar kept us safe by barking himself hoarse at every toddler that might have jeopardized our existence, and we had fantastic weather with the exception of the first night. It rained the equivalent of what Noah got after he built that big-ass boat a few years ago, but in about a 5-6 hour span. We didn't care; we had turned in by then, and more importantly our days were hot and sunny.

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Caro said...

The reaction to the porcupine - about as manly as uncle Michel and the squirrel in the screen door ...