Friday, June 30, 2006

Party Past Canada Day!

The Council of Canadians are planning a little shindig for President Bush on July 6th! Isn't that sweet? ;-) I may just take an extended lunch and go join the fun!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be in Washington Thursday, July 6th, which coincides with George W. Bush’s birthday. Join Maude Barlow and the Council of Canadians at a birthday bash for George Bush in front of the PMO, where we'll ask Stephen Harper to limit his generosity to a card and good wishes.

Our government has already handed Bush our troops for use in his “war on terror.” We signed away our right to energy security in NAFTA. Harper’s letting Bush keep $1-billion worth of the lumber tariffs the U.S. government took from us illegally. And Bush knows he need only ask before we hand over our fresh water, too.

The Council of Canadians fears that Harper will further compromise Canadian sovereignty in areas of foreign policy, trade and security, and we hope to raise awareness about how much the Prime Minister has sacrificed without public consent during his short reign.

Show Harper you can be a good neighbour without giving it all away.
  • What: A birthday party for Dubya (free cake and loot bags!)

  • Where: Outside the PMO, in front of the NCC Info Centre at Wellington and Metcalfe

  • When: Thursday, July 6, noon to 1 p.m. (bring sunscreen, noisemakers and a party hat!)

  • Why: Because we can, because it’s fun, and because we’re sick of giving pieces of Canada away

  • Who: Come one, come all. This is a Council of Canadians party and everyone’s invited!

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