Thursday, August 03, 2006

Have I Mentioned I Hate Camping?

Well, I'm still facing at least one more trip to begin the last week of August. Argh!

But this time, I believe I'll try to be better prepared and bring the above, if I can locate it. I recently read in a newsletter I subscribe to (It's called "Ideal Bite" and they sell themselves as "A Sassier Shade of Green". Well, I'm nothing if not sassy!) that deet might be damaging to brain cells.

Fabulous. And here I bathed in it last weekend. And it didn't work worth a damn anyway, as evidence from the 15 or so unsightly lumps on my arms and legs.

In any event, in light of my recent success with Aubrey's shaving cream, I'm going to try to find Burt's bug repellent as recommended. It's deetless so it shouldn't make me any dumber than I already am. I'm optimistic here. Do right by me, Burt!

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