Friday, August 11, 2006

Sierra Club To Sue Rona Ambrose For Being Hot!

She is single-handedly causing global warming by being so hot. Or something like that.

EDMONTON, AB – A coalition of environmental groups today served Federal Environment Minister Rona Ambrose with a petition giving her 60 days to step in to protect two endangered plants in Alberta or face a lawsuit. Alberta Wilderness Association, Federation of Alberta Naturalists, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Sierra Club of Canada and Nature Canada, represented by Sierra Legal Defence Fund, are threatening the suit to test the federal government’s intention to protect Canada’s endangered wildlife.

“When Canadians were assured by the federal government that the Species at Risk Act would protect all of Canada’s endangered plants and animals, were they being told the truth?” asked Rachel Plotkin of Sierra Club. “This case will reveal the answer.”

Full article about how hot Rona is.

I'm a little disappointed in Rona. I've yet to receive a response about why they (the Conservatives) seem to ignore wind power as an option. I don't expect a 100-page report or anything...I even explained that it doesn't have to come from her directly! Anyone in the department can do it. And in all seriousness, when I write these e-mails, I don't write them as silly a way as I do my postings here.

All this leads me to think that she's going to turn down my offer for a date. :-( I was ready to pay for the popcorn and everything...Hell, I'd have even offered to pay for the ethanol that she no doubt uses in her smart car.

Oh well. I'll just have to come up with something else...

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