Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sweet Water.

Here's another way to help with barely any kind of effort, courtesy of Mrs THIT.

Christine brought back a couple of bottles of Earth Water...huh...water earlier today. Here's their claim:

Earth Water works in support of the United Nations by donating 100% of its net profits to be used in water aid programmes in developing countries.

For some reason, these were included in the organic section of the store that Christine went to. I'm not certain why, besides the fact that they probably expect the "type" that shops in that section to be more drawn to it because of its charitable aspect. But why not include it in the regular aisle where more people could see it? A 600 ml bottle costs less than $1 so it's not as though the price will turn people off. Isn't it about that for a 475 ml of the more common brands?

In any event, if you buy bottled water anyway, all this will cost you is a detour in your grocery store. And if the whole thing is bull$#!t, you've lost nothing. When faced with an option that I know won't help and one that might, I'll take the chance with the one that might, all else being equal.

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