Tuesday, August 01, 2006

While We're on the Subject of Sucking, So Does Camping.

Argh. I hate camping.

Yes, it's quality time with the wife without the distraction of television (in her case) or the computer (in mine). But at home, I'm also not distracted by being bled dry by mosquitos piercing through my coating blend of sweat and grime. I also get a decent night's sleep nine times out of ten, as opposed to reverse being true when I'm out in the woods with a wiener dog who's facinated by chipmunks.

There is one thing that might help make the whole a little less sucktastic, and that would be to allow dogs on beaches. Or at least have a beach for dog owners. I believe I'm going to get on my little soap box about that and contact the fine folks at Ontario Parks about it.

Is it a safety issue? I doubt it, because a kid could be mauled on any part of the camp grounds. Is it a sanitation issue? I doubt it, unless you somehow are more willing to ignore birds crapping on the beach and in the water. And don't kid yourself; that warm spot in the water next to the six-year old with the weird look on his face didn't get there by itself.

So what is it? The best way to find out is to ask. And I believe I'll do just that! By God, let my wiener be free!!

Eh eh eh...wiener dog jokes NEVER get old...

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