Sunday, August 27, 2006

Save The Planet: Drink More Beer.

I'm obviously still in need of training as a treehugger. I never touch the stuff.


It may sound like an excuse made up by someone heading off for a night out – but drinking beer is good for the planet.

And, if you feel peckish after downing several pints, there is even more good news because a separate study reveals curry can boost brain power.

It is not the ale itself that has the green credentials, but the stuff brewers throw away as they make it.

The process of brewing from barley creates a waste product called beer bran.

The bran can soak up potentially fatal and cancercausing chemicals, often used in paint and glues, which end up in rivers and lakes.

Up to now, environment agencies have used expensive carbon filters to clean up polluted waterways. But they are not environmentally friendly to produce. Beer bran occurs naturally in brewing and is cheap, scientists from Kobe Pharmaceutical University in Japan told New Scientist.

I'm going camping again for the early part of the week. While I likely won't be environmentally conscious in this particular respect, no doubt some of our neighbours will pick up the slack if I share this great news.

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