Saturday, April 14, 2007

"C" is for "Carrot"?

People make me laugh sometimes...

Yesterday, a front page article in the local newspaper ripped Ottawa hockey fans for daring to boo Pittsburgh's young star player Sydney Crosby when the two teams played here on Wednesday night. Essentially, the writer said that it was a classless act.

Mrs THIT this morning pointed out to me that in today's "letters to the editor", more space is dedicated to that "debate" than any other topic covered for as long as we've been getting that paper. Way to tackle the big issues, Ottawa!

So now I'm clicking through some of the links on the blog. I decide to glance at, the Urban Legends reference page and a favourite of mine. And I came across another "hot topic" threatening society.

That's right.

Do I even have to say it?

The Cookie Monster.

Feeling threatened by a perception that the nazis that write Sesame Street would stoop so low as to change the Cookie Monster's eating habits and make him a "Big Brother" like brain-washing type in favour of *gasp* good nutrition, someone started a petition to ensure that by no means would this television icon be altered from his current cookie-munching, furry, googly-eyed state.

I know, I know...the point was to speak against political-correctness. But seriously, is there no better outlet? Even if it were true, the point was not to change his name for the sake of not offending someone (which is what political-correctness is, by my understanding). The point was to promote good nutrition among children.

And that's what makes it even more ludicrous. It wasn't even true.

I forget what it was now, but a couple of years ago I was discussing with Mrs THIT how much effort I was putting into some ultimately pointless endeavour. The fact that I forget what it is now should speak volumes as to how pointless it was.

I recall ending my point by saying that I should have so much energy and drive for a goal that's acutally, you know, meaningful. I didn't even really realise this until I actually said it. I remember that I sort of surprised myself in that it hadn't occured to me right up to that moment.

I know I don't have all the answers and that different things have different levels of meaning for different people. I suppose I just wish that the energy directed towards fighting against booing hockey players and maintaining the "integrity" of kiddie show characters was applied to more ultimately significant goals.

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